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Introducing the wildly popular healing resource helping true Champions T.K.O. their Momma Trauma once and for all!

Get ready to regain your personal peace and unlock FREEDOM through necessary conversations.

I know it can be difficult to find the right words to say to your mom, but your healing resource is HERE!  

We are dismantling fear by providing all the tools needed - in one box! 

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WARNING- Playing this Game Will Heal Generations!

Image by Eye for Ebony

Imagine FINALLY having that complicated conversation with your mom you’ve longed to have for years but doing it with ease. What if you didn’t have to come up with the right words? What if the time didn’t have to be perfect? What if healing for the two of you is possible?

Everything you need to move you and her closer or closure is packed inside this intentional game!

Momma, trauma is REAL, and you don’t have to face it alone! So, let’s step in the ring and CHAMPION these conversations!

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Benefits of the Game

You FINALLY get to have the conversation your soul has desired for so long.

You get to reclaim your peace of mind and release the grip Momma trauma has had on your mind and body!

You don’t have to find the right words on your own. They are right here for you, with additional assistance available as needed.

You get to learn what the possibilities of life could be without carrying the weight of your Momma Trauma.

You get to FINALLY live the life you deserve while breaking unhealthy generational patterns.

You get to change your story!

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Why Mom Card Deck adds to this historical meaning while playing with PURPOSE!.png

If for any reason, you all get stuck, or the truths become too intense,

or you all are simply ready to go to the next level of your relationship,

consider Family Mediation with Author Q!

 Visit or click the link below for more details.

*Disclaimer- Playing this Game Will Heal Generations!

Learn to champion your momma trauma today with these easy-to-use cards that promote family recovery and healing!

You no longer have to try and find the right words or time. Any occasion is perfect for healing, and you can let the cards speak for you.

We are dismantling the grip of fear by providing you with all the tools in one box to get started! 


Why My Mom® card deck is the leading resource in personal healing.


It’s been proven that having these types of conversations literally changes lives, communities, and our economy.

Users have reached levels of personal and inner freedom!

BONUS: Additional healing resources are available at the links below:

About the Creator

Quniana Futrell

Award-winning Storyteller. Speaker. Transformational Coach. Philanthropist. Leader of Champions.

While Quniana Futrell holds several titles, when you meet her, you meet a woman whose purpose cannot be contained. Whether you are experiencing her from behind the camera, front and center on a stage with a microphone, or in intimate conversation, what you see is what you get.

Living her life by the motto, "Change the Family, Change the World® Quniana Futrell is the epitome of resilience, Quniana's life is a testimony of how as a young woman, her mother was often incarcerated, leaving her lost in more ways than could imagine. It would take years of misplaced anger, shattered self-esteem, and grief for her to forgive her mom. Yet, she learned the power of doing her healing work before it was too late. She is fueled by a mission to help others heal in individual and group coaching from their momma trauma as a Certified Trauma Professional through her proven Trauma Ain't Normal® program.  An award-winning director and executive producer, her docu-series, Why My Mom, grapples with the deep-seated issues few can tackle and tell with such compassion and humanity.

Quniana is also a member of the illustrious Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated and is committed to making a change in her community. 

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