Meet Our Season One Cast


After an intense application process, over four months and many applications, our team picked the final ten authors to be a part of the Why My Mom Movement.


We searched for women in this series with an authentic story that had room for healing. Many were not in a place to forgive and that was an intricate part of our selection process. Although, those selected were all in different stages of their healing and forgiveness, they were all open to learning how. They all understood how significant forgiving their mothers assisted in their healthy development in all areas of their lives. 

Please help welcome these authors to our series one of the Why My Mom anthology/docu-series:

Marcia Ali
Loneka Ward
Ashlie Carpenter
Shanna Thomas
Donna Rojas

Shirlene Bailey
Amira Bethea
Monchea Turner
Alice Edwards 
Yolanda Myrick 

This community initative championed by Quniana “Author Q” Futrell and her team at ECE Firm, LLC. 




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