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Founder of Why My Mom
Champion Quniana Futrell

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An anthology and docu-series answering life's unanswered question. This process of healing is a story of two generation of two generations of brokenness and their story of restoration. 

​This first series will take 10 women over the course of nine months on a path of redemption. These women will have access to Masterclasses taught by professional life coaches, business consultants, writing specialist, licensed therapists as well as grief counselors.

Each woman will share their “Why My Mom” story on camera. The featured women have stories of addiction, incarceration, rejection, sexual abuse and even grief.


On December 7, 2019, we are releasing the anthology with the mission of spreading hope, healing and forgiveness across this nation.

Beginning in January, We will launch the docu-series nationwide. Men, we have NOT forgotten you! 

Applications are NOW OPEN for our second series of #WhyMyMom Men's Edition! 

About The Movement
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